Why Lokring

With a variety of product and supplier choices, it is important to pick the right partner. At LOKRING, we work hard to use innovative technology to make our products better and safer all the time. We think world-class quality, safety and productivity are the most important part of our job, and we want to help achieve and maintain those standards for our customers.

Improved Safety

  • Tamper proof; the Lokring fitting is designed as a permanent joint.
  • Risk of fire or explosion due to hot work is eliminated.
  • No fumes or smoke are produced, eliminating the need for special ventilation and creating a safer environment particularly in confined spaces.
  • No hazardous materials are used in the process, created by the process or required to be disposed of after the process is complete.
  • No welding or grinding is required thus reducing the potential for injuries.
  • Fabrication of piping systems utilizing Lokring fittings are “intrinsically” safe since no torches, open flames or sparks are associated with installation or maintenance.
Putting on Safety Glasses

Improved Quality

  • Install and inspect marks provide post-installation quality control through visual verification of installers’ work.
  • Joint reliability is “machined into” and not reliant on the skill or “touch” of the welder/brazer.
  • The position and the presence of liquids (e.g. oil, fuel or water) do not affect the joint quality.
  • Redundant metal-to-metal seals produce a gas-tight connection that is safe for services in fire hazardous areas and systems. The seals will not melt or degrade during fire.
  • Installation is a “cold work” process thus eliminating the heat affected zone and the deteriorated metallurgical properties associated with such zones.
  • Rework is drastically reduced or eliminated.
Programming CNC Machine
Lokring Welded Connection with No Hot Work

Increased Productivity

  • Gas-freeing tanks and spaces are not required.
  • Installation times are a fraction of that required by conventional methods.
  • No hot work means no running chits, no fire watches and no disruption from events that stop hot work (e.g. ammo loading, painting, hot oil flushes, fuel spills, etc.).
  • Fittings may be installed in a system that is not or cannot be thoroughly drained and dried.
  • Joint inspection is visual only; no NDT is required!
  • Minimum training and qualification requirements reduce time off of the job and training costs.
  • Flushing requirements from brazing or welding are completely eliminated.
  • Inter-trade disruption is reduced.
  • Damages to surrounding wiring, tile, equipment and painted surfaces are eliminated.
  • Reduced installation times result in schedule flexibility and lower installed costs.
  • Lower Installed Costs
  • A combination of productivity and reliability, coupled with low overhead and low rework, result in lower overall installed cost and accelerated job completion.
Product Inspection

Improved Productivity and Job Scheduling

  • Lokring fittings can be consistently installed in the field at a rate of approximately 10 times faster than equivalent weld connections.
  • Lokring fittings can be installed in any weather conditions, indoors or outdoors, with no loss of productivity.
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces welding-related costs such as hot work permits, the building of weld boxes, welder availability, and plant downtime.
  • Eliminates the need to purge (“gas free”) process lines as required for hot work.
Cleaning and Polishing Products

Repeatable, Reliable Connections

  • The Lokring fitting requires only a minimum of skill to install and maintain a leak-free system the first time.
  • The quality of the system is “designed into” the fitting – independent of the installer.
  • Your authorized Lokring representative, Lokring Technology, and our Limited Lifetime Warranty stand behind every Lokring connection.

Easy Access – Closed Space Pipe Runs

  • Compact, lightweight hydraulic installation tools require only one-plane of access on fitting application.
  • Closely spaced pipe runs can be fabricated or repaired using Lokring fittings. A 2-inch NPS pipe can be run on as little as 3 ½ inch centers.

Low Overhead – Tooling is Inexpensive

  • Tooling is inexpensive and lightweight, power requirements are minimal; no need for pipe threading, purging, flushing or welding equipment.
  • Field fabrication greatly reduces the need for expensive isometric drawings and shop pre-fabrication expenses.

Low Rework – Less than 0.1 %

  • Repairs with the Lokring through-bore designs are as simple as cut, slip fitting over pipe, and seal!
  • Historical rework rates for Lokring fittings are less than 0.1 % of all installations compared to 5 to 10 % for welded installations.
  • Zero contamination in the tube or pipe connections eliminates flushing requirements.