IT400 Installation Tool

Mechanically Attached Pipe Fittings Up to 4″ NPS

FAST. SIMPLE. SAFE. Lokring Technology is proud to introduce the new IT400 installation tool. This hydraulically-actuated tool provides the ultimate in safety, efficiency, and ease-of-use, for your 4” pipe connection opportunities. The installation tool has several advantages including:

  • Quick Connect Power Port: Multi-directional swiveling quick-connect offers a single-point hookup and supports a wide range of hydraulic power supplies.
  • Hydraulically Activated: Hydraulic pistons housed within a robust monolithic cylinder body assure intrinsically safe fitting installations.
  • Integral Chassis Construction: Superior structural integrity is achieved in a lightweight package using advanced semi-monocoque construction inspired by aerospace design principles.
  • Maximum Corrosion Protection: Passivated stainless steel, high-nickel alloys, and exotic surface coatings assure a long corrosion-free service life.
  • Dedicated Lift Point: Robust single-point design for easy placement and safety/security.
  • Integrated Handle: Ergonomic knurled handle assures secure ease of use.

Designed and built in Cleveland, Ohio, the IT400 is our most advanced installation tool yet, and we proudly stand behind it with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Dimensional Data

Length: 14 in

Width: 11.25 in

Height: 11.50 in

Weight: 95 lbs.