The Right Way to Join Pipe and Tube

Gas-Tight, Permanent Seal:
The unique metal-to-metal seal of the LOKRING® connection provides extraordinary sealing
integrity in both liquid and gas services. Unlike other mechanically attached fittings, there are no elastomeric or rubber seals, O-rings or gaskets which can degrade and leak over time from chemical attack, fire, vibration, temperature cycling, cold flow or loss of elasticity.

As a result, fugitive emissions typical of leak-prone screwed or flanged connectors are eliminated.

Helium Leak Tight:

No other connector (flanged or threaded) is capable of passing helium leak testing anywhere close to the level of a LOKRING® fitting. In fact, the fitting meets all criteria of a welded connection, except that heat is not required to make the connection. The quality of a LOKRING®connection has been recognized by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) by granting LOKRING® pre-certification status through executive order G-096-029-033 which gives LOKRING® equivalent to welded status.


Our Technology Sets Lokring Apart

Lokring makes the most advanced fluid system connectors on the market. The technology we use to create and install products set us apart. We are able to provide reliable, cost-efficient products without dangerous hot work. Learn more about what what set our products apart from the competition.

ESP® Elastic Strain Preload Technology: The leak-free seal of a LOKRING® fitting is the result of LOKRING Technology LLC®‘s patented elastic strain preload™ (ESP®). During installation, the axial movement of the LOKRING®driver over the fitting body swages the body onto the pipe or tube surface, compressing the pipe/tube wall, first elastically and then plastically. Installed fitting forms a perfect 360° circumferential, permanent, metal-to-metal seal.

LTCS-333: Lokring Technology released this Low Alloy Carbon Steel Solution for Sour Service applications in January 2010. Since then there has been a paradigm shift in the use of this cold-work solution being utilized in demanding systems offshore and in similar environments.

IT400 Installation Tool: FAST. SIMPLE. SAFE. Lokring Technology is proud to introduce the new IT400 installation tool. This hydraulically-actuated tool provides the ultimate in safety, efficiency, and ease-of-use, for your 4” pipe connection opportunities.

ANSI / ASME B31 Qualifications and Testing: Both stainless and carbon steel LOKRING® fittings are qualified to the requirements of the ANSI/ASME B31 pressure piping codes for pressure and fatigue design and materials of construction. Extensive mechanical and environmental testing has demonstrated the mechanical and sealing integrity of the LOKRING® connection in a wide range of applications and environmental conditions.


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