Technical Bulletins

LOKRING works to focus on creating innovative technology that improves productivity and safety. The following technical bulletins address different aspect of using our products.

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Pressure Piping Design Guide

Fitting Application Guides

The B31 simplified requirements were developed with and retain a focus on high-pressure, high-temperature piping which is typically welded or flanged. ASME B31 simplified rules are not developed as thoroughly regarding the design, manufacture, and installation of safe piping systems using non-welded, proprietary fittings (nonstandard components), such as the Lokring™ fitting with Elastic Strain Preload® (ESP®) technology.

However, there are B31 rules developed for pressure design and the development of stress multipliers (stress intensification factors) for nonstandard components that will allow the organization using Lokring fittings to develop a B31-compliant design.

LOKRING ASME B31 Design Guide

Lokring provides the “Lokring Fitting Applications Guide” as a service to our customers. This guide provides information pertaining to the usage and service limitations of Lokring™ fittings in process piping systems and their auxiliaries and utilities.

Lokring recognizes that while its products may be considered for a wide variety of services, it cannot provide specific performance information for every application. Therefore, the system designer, owner, and user must assume final responsibility for proper evaluation and application of Lokring products. If uncertain about whether or not Lokring fittings should be used for specific application, consult your piping specialist, corrosion specialist, and Lokring Technology.

Lokring Fitting Application Guide