Tooling Reference


Figure 1. Tool Kit for Carbon Pipe Fittings 1/4″ to 1″

Figure 2. Tool Kit for Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings1″ to 2″

Figure 3. Hydraulic pump and hose options

Hydraulic Pumps

All LOKTOOL™ system components (Installation tool, hose, pump, hydraulic couplers) are rated for 10,000 psi max operating pressure.

Any pumps or hose can be used with any of LOKRING’s installation tools.

Fast, Simple, Portable Installation – ¼” to 3” joints fully made in minutes!!

Manual Pump (PUMP-P-19-QD):

Manually operated, designed for low volume installations (or emergency repairs) where there is limited or no access to electricity or compressed air, or for atmospheres which need to be fire-safe.

Manual Pump (Hand Pump):

Manually operated, designed for low volume installations where space is critical. No electricity or compressed air is needed.

Pneumatic Pump (PUMP-TURBO-AIR-QD):

Foot operated, lightweight, pneumatic pump, operates off shop air (80 psi/minimum). Fast and suitable for installation of LOKRING fittings in atmospheres which need to be fire-safe.


Foot operated, high speed pump, best selection for high volume installations of larger size fittings.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly (HH15-QD):

15 ft hose for all fitting sizes, pumps, and tool heads. Two or more hoses can be connected together to form longer lengths.

Typical Shapes*

CPL = Coupling
RCPL = Repair / Slip
EL90 = 90° Elbow
EL45 = 45° Elbow
TEE = Tee
RED = Concentric Reducer
ADPT = Adapter
RADPT = Reducing Adapter
SAE61KIT = SAE 61 Flange with hardware
SAE61 = SAE 61 Flange Swivel only
SAE61SLD = SAE 61 Solid Flange
SAE62KIT = SAE 62 Flange with hardware
SAE62 = SAE 62 Flange Swivel only
SAE62SLD = SAE 62 Solid Flange
CAP = End Cap
SEL90 = Street Elbow
RTEE = Reducing Branch Tees
RRTEE = Reducing Run Tees

* Consult factory for additional configurations