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LOKRING™ Enhances Online Product and CAD Catalog with Materials Selection

Lokring Technology, a global leader in high-performance fluid and gas connection technology, announces a significant upgrade to its online product and CAD catalog. The company has introduced a new feature allowing customers to seamlessly select products by material or metal type. This advancement aims to streamline the product selection process, providing convenience and efficiency for Lokring’s valued clientele.

LOKRING™ Launches New CAD Cart Feature in Online Product Catalog

The website has upgraded the online product catalog to include a CAD Cart feature. The online catalog still offers individual product details and related specifications, files from the dynamic CAD (computer-aided design) and BIM (building information modeling) engine. Previously, the drawing files had to be downloaded individually. With the new CAD Cart feature, users Read more…

ERPI Research Paves Way for Lokring Fittings to be used in Constellation Safety-Related Applications

After collaborating with EPRI, Constellation will have 680 safety-related fittings manufactured by Lokring Technology, LLC on its nuclear fleet shelves ready for use this year. The fittings—an alternative to socket-welded fittings—will reduce installation time, cost, radiation exposure and outage critical path. Expanding Lokring Fitting Applications Lokring’s line of mechanical fittings for connecting small-diameter piping and Read more…