Brass Forged Tees and Elbows

LOKRING Technology LLC® is proud to announce the release of the Brass Forged 90º Elbows (BR-EL90-FRG-TXX) and Brass Forged Tees (BR-TEE-FRG-TXX) for use in copper tubing systems. These new products are qualified to ASTM B88 drawn types K, L and M as well as ASTM B819 (tube specification for medical gas) types K and L. Each fitting comes in four different sizes: ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 1”.

The Elbow “EL90” and Tee “TEE” fittings are made with the patented LOKRING ESP® (Elastic Strain Preload™) design and are an acceptable connection per NFPA 99-2005 Section which states: “Axially swaged, elastic strain preload fittings providing metal to metal seal having pressure and temperature ratings not less than that of a brazed joint and when complete are permanent and non-separable.”

Note: Variations such as reducing tees “RTEE” or threaded connections are available upon request. Please contact your local distributor for details. Medical Gas applications compliant to NFPA-99 do not allow threaded connections for coupling of gas transport tubing. Check with the system designer for use in these applications.