Lokring Director of Innovation and Technology Is Keynote Speaker at Institution of Mechanical Engineers Conference

Conference Reviews Innovation in Alternatives to Welding for Mechanical Connectors

WILLOUGHBY, OH —Mark Sindelar, Director of Innovation and Technology at Lokring Technology, LLC, will be the keynote speaker at Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ (IMechE) Conference on Alternatives to Welding – Creative Solutions for Pressure and Strength Retention. The conference ishosted by Aker Solutions in Dyce, part of Aberdeen in Scotland, on Tuesday 30 April 2019.

Sindelar will present ways non-welded mechanical connectors can meet the requirements of ASME B31 Code Qualification. His presentation will cover issues with the qualification of non-standard components (e.g. Lokring) to the ASME B31.3 code. He will demonstrate how qualification requires thinking beyond the code language to the meaning of the requirements written for standard welded and flanged components that are typically used in high pressure, high temperature critical piping systems.

When using a non-standard fitting, code qualification requires a study of the component to determine all the potential failure mechanisms of the component placed in a piping system. Sindelar will walk through the process of qualifying a non-standard piping component, and how that process starts with an understanding the origins and evolution of the B31.3 code.

To demonstrate this approach, he will review the testing process used for the Elastic Strain Preload (ESP©) technology used in Lokring products.  The review process includes installation, NDE inspection, experimental stress analysis including tension and torsion loading, proof test and vibration testing.

During his keynote speech, he will cover the details of experimental stress analysis for ASME B31.3 Chapter II Section 319.3.6 Flexibility and Stress Intensification Factors. The review will include product examples and calculations needed for ASME B31J Experimental Stress Analysis. Sindelar will also outline the ASME B31H Proof Test, tensile and torsion loading with testing information and test / rating calculation examples.

As a co-author of the ASME paper Vibration Testing of Compressions Joints (PVP2017-65043), Sindelar will also cover the effects of vibration on the Lokring products. This paper outlines the testing, execution and results of the vibration testing including detailed stress analysis.


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