New Design Guide for Designing ASME B31 Pressure Piping

Lokring couplings and fittings are ideally suited for fast-track or cost-effective fabrication of small bore piping and tubing systems, as well as field modification and repair of existing piping and tubing systems. Lokring is a highly efficient alternative to field welding or flanging and is consistent with good engineering practice in the design and construction of piping and tubing systems.

This comprehensive fitting application guide is an essential tool for those designing pressure piping projects that use Lokring ESP fittings. It provides information on materials of construction, pressure-temperature ratings, thermal expansion design and weight distribution and support. In addition, details on load designs, pipe supports, special fittings, pull-out and torsion and installation is included.

Are you responsible for designing pressure piping systems according to ASME B31? Contact your authorized LOKRING® distributor for support in designing ASME B31 pressure piping using LOKRING® Elastic Strain Preload (ESP®) fittings.