Keeping the Ferry Running

Lokring Northern UK Speeds Up Repair for Harland and Wolff

Seawolf FerryHarland & Wolff approached Lokring Northern UK regarding its 1″ MAS fittings to be used in fuel oil sludge tank aboard the Clipper Pennant ferry of Seatruck. 8 CPL, 2 RCPL and 1 EL90 were used on a thermal line operating at 200 -250 C. The sludge tank was proving very difficult to clean to an acceptable level for hot-works to take place, and was difficult to gain access in the sludge tank to weld the repair.


Welded Option: The traditional welded option would have required at least two days to repair. It would have required the entire fuel oil sludge tank to be cleaned to an acceptable level to make it safe for hot works.

Lokring Option: Due to Lokring being a cold method of connecting pipework, the ares didn’t need to be cleaned to the same level require for hot work to take place. The repair was completed within 12 hours. This allowed the ferry to depart for Heysham on its schedule journey.

Post installation visual checks confirm the Lokring weld equivalent pipe connections were correctly installed.


Lokring Northern UK ensure the repair was completed in the deadline given to Harland & Wolff and saved the ferry from two lost days of service.

Download PDF version of  Ferry Case Study

What the Client Said

Harland and Wolff LogoLokring… it’s fast and simple to install, but most importantly you are ensuring you get a permanent butt-weld connection that won’t leak.

– Senior Pipe Fitter, Harland & Wolff