Supplier Quality Requirements

1. Nonconforming Reporting and Control

1.1. The supplier shall have available upon request, a copy of all nonconformance reports dispositioned as repair or use-as-is generated during the manufacture or processing of this order. This report shall include technical justification for nonconformance dispositions. All “use-as-is” or “repair” dispositions against a Lokring Technology, LLC approved supplier drawing or specification shall be approved by Lokring Technology, LLC prior to the shipment of the affected item.

2. Vendor Access

2.1. The “right of access” is reserved for Lokring Technology, LLC and, upon prior approval from the supplier, Lokring Technology, LLC authorized agent to visit the supplier/subtier suppliers facility and records for verification activities (surveillance, inspection and audit) as appropriate to assure conformance of procured items and services to identified requirements. Supplier will be notified in advance of such visit.

3. Quality Assurance Program Requirements

3.1. The vendor shall control/process the item/service provided in accordance with an ISO 9001 compliant documented Quality Management System. The supplier shall extend all appropriate requirements specified in this purchase order to subtier suppliers. In the event that a supplier determines any QA Program requirements specified in this order to be inappropriate for subtier program, then documented justification for this determination shall be available for review by Lokring Technology, LLC.

4. Certified Material Test Reports

4.1. The supplier shall provide a certified material test report with traceability to the purchase order and material. This requirement is only applicable to those items identified in the purchase description as requiring the certification.

5. Certificate of Conformance

5.1. A certificate of conformance to the requirements identified in the purchase order is required with each shipment of material on this order. The certificate must be attested to by a person responsible for the quality assurance function or similarly qualified person designated by the vender. The certificate of conformance must include reference to the purchase order and line number(s), indication of the specifications which have been met (such as codes, standards, drawings, etc.). This requirement is only applicable to those items identified in the purchase description as requiring the certificate.

6. Quality and Delivery Performance Requirements

6.1. Lokring Technology, LLC requires that all purchased materials and services be delivered on the agreed upon date and conforms to all of the purchase order requirements. A suppliers’ performance will be tracked and communicated to each supplier on a semi-annual basis.

7. First Piece Process Approval

7.1. Upon request from Lokring Technology, LLC suppliers are required to submit a first piece process approval including full dimensional layout prior to shipping product to Lokring Technology, LLC.


Revision 02/20/2014