Lokring™ Northeast Customer Success Stories

Lokring Northeast is always working to provide the best service for our customers.  We work hard to provide the right products in a timely manner.  We have provided some examples of working with customers to have helped them quickly complete project objectives.

If you are experiencing some of the same issues, make sure to contact the Lokring Northeast team.

Lokring Northeast Hospital Customer Story

Steam/Water Separator at Major Hospital

When J C Higgins Mechanical was tasked with installing a water separator in a 3” CS steam system at a major urban hospital in New England, they knew it would be a challenge.

Shutting down the entire instrument sterilizer operation for dozens of operating rooms. The hospital needed the shortest possible time because patient services would be interrupted. The installation was also to be installed in tight quarters in a ceiling and “no hot work” allowed.

Installing New Hydraulic Lines in Local Copper Mill

When Excel Hydraulics was tasked with running new 1” SS hydraulic lines in a local copper mill, they knew the project would come with challenges. Temperature, pressure, vibration and pulsation would be problematic for standard JIC connections. Welding in narrow trenches added other challenges.

The equipment was a nest of pumps, electrical lines, hoses and leaking joints. Many of the connections were in a trench with limited access. The cost of downtime was a concern for the mill management. Read the whole customer story to find out more.

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