Monthly Archives: September 2009

Brass Forged Tees and Elbows

LOKRING Technology LLC® is proud to announce the release of the Brass Forged 90º Elbows (BR-EL90-FRG-TXX) and Brass Forged Tees (BR-TEE-FRG-TXX) for use in copper tubing systems. These new products are qualified to ASTM B88 drawn types K, L and M as well as ASTM B819 (tube specification for medical gas) types K and L. Read more…

Medical Gas Fittings Approved by Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

LOKRING Technology LLC® is proud to announce that our Medical Gas fittings have been approved by the Canadian Standards Association. Our products meet all of the requirements to be used for Medical Gas systems. Find our more about the CSA requirements for medical gas fittings.